Winter Activities

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Play in the snow land

We offer a discount ticket for Pole Pole guests. 

You can enjoy the snow banana boat, the snow tubing slider, and some other snow activities.

Adult 1day pass : 1,000yen (Standard ticket 3,500yen)
Child 1day pass : 1,000yen (Standard ticket 3,000yen)
Kids (Under-6)    : Free of charge


Check in by the snow vehicle

After playing the snow land, you will take the snow shuttle to get to the cottage. 

Departure time of the Snow shuttle

<Check in>
Departure from the Snow land15:30 
Arrive at your Cottage 15:40

<Check out>
Departure from Your cottage 9:45-10:00
Arrive at the Snow land 9:50

※Gassan snow land has a parking area with the roof.
※Some plans offer the shuttle service from Yamagata station.

Snowshoe trekking

Rental snowshoe gears are free of charge for guests. 

Snowfield is always groomed by a snowcat machine. You can also enjoy cross-country ski hiking.

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Guide Activities

Mountain guide offers the ski and snowboard tours.

Snowshoe Trekking

Snowshoe trekking tours to the Gassan area. You will walk on the 5m height of the snow field.  Beech tree forest hiking will give you wonderful nature experiences. You may have an opportunity to encounter rabbits and antelopes.

SnowCat Tour

You will go to the high snow mountain by the snowcat. Enjoy 1 hour cruising time and get to the 10m high of the snowfield.

Back Country Guide

The backcountry ski and snowboard guide tour. Alpine ski or snowboard guide takes you to the best condition of snow slopes in Gassan area.